Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Only if you knew...

Only if you knew, how much you meant to me,
Only if you knew, how happy I used to be,
Only if you knew, what I have been through, since you left,
Only if you knew, how dead I am, even though you call me free...

You never knew stayed bed, just to be woken up by you,
I would shut my eyes, just not to let the sun through,

You never knew everyday, I used to think of you at lunch,
Used to wish you were with me, may it be dinner or brunch,

You never knew I used to write your name in my notes,
I used to live by your name, and remember all your quotes,

You never knew I would drink, just to make you angry,
Because I loved the way you shouted and scolded but cared when I got hungry,

You never knew I woke up all night, just to wake you up (whenever you asked me too)
And I would bunk my classes, and even sit under the table, just to see you through (webcam)

Only if you knew, I was quiet for a reason,
Cause didn't want you to get hurt,
I never said anything to you, even when I was gifted a pink shirt,

Only if you knew, how I had survived, with the hope of meeting my love,
To reach to you, so you wouldn't wait, how recklessly I drove,

Only if you knew every time we shook hands, my heart skipped a beat,
I kept myself a little dirty, even though you were no neat,

Only if you knew I never loved you, for what were your habits,
But I loved you for what you are, and not some pieces and bits,

I loved you good, from all my heart just to be shattered away,
Only if you knew what all I've done, you wouldn't have had walked away...
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