Monday, December 28, 2009

teri yaad mein meri jaan jaa rahi hai,
har pal mujhe teri yaad aa rahi hai,
toot raha hun har guzarte pal ke saath,
lagta hai mujhe meri kismat rula rahi hai..!
Sometimes i keep thinking stuff, sometimes just sit and cry,
I miss her so much these days, reaching to her, is all i try,

from dusk to dawn, in my room i cry,
and cry till my eyes go dry,

being away from her has never been so bad,
since I've come here, i've only been sad,

I wish to see her, touch her once,
just sit in front of her, till i go into a trance,

I miss the way she talks to me, the way she comes so close,
I miss those lunches we had together, and how she tickled me, with her toes,

I miss those moments we spent together, holding our hands,
now all the things I see around me, are just statues made of sands,

I wish i was there, back with her, to the place where i belong,
Only I know how these moments paas, to paas they take so long,

All the ways to reach to her, everything thats there, i've tried,
I wish to reach her, love her again, cause she is also my pride,

I've never felt so lonely, although here i have many friends,
Since i've come here, I have seen, in me, some change of trends,

I cant stand this distance, it keeps me awake,
I think now i might be dying, my life might be at stake,

I miss my love, my life, I miss her with all my heart,
and I've missed her from the day I left, from the day we have been apart,

I hope I go back to her, hope through I really live,
Just want to reach to her, and for that, anything, I would give,

I have survived cause i want to meet her, cause i want to see her again,
Its her who has given me this life, and she is my life's gain..!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

All i do is sit and think, why we are so far apart,
I have loved you all this while, even though it was a very slow start,
I am here, waiting for a call, hoping that you would talk,
I waiting for time to come, when we can go out for a walk,

I am waiting for you to reply, reply to my mails,
Waiting, all nervous and sad, imagining all bad tales,
I hope you come soon to me, or atleast call me back,
I want to spend my life with you, not dead in some rugged sack...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

aaj unse baat nahin hui, to manzar kuch aisa hai,
ki jaise suraj ki kirne na padi ho dharti par,
dilon ke baag jaise khil rahein ho har jagah,
meri dil ki zameen, ho sadiyon se banjar par,
kuch aisi baatein yaad aati hain,
khuda se maangi fariyaadein yaad aati hain,
toota hun is kadar main judaai mein teri,
har chehre mein teri wo muskurahat yaad aati hai
aaina tod chuka hun na jaane kitne,
fir bhi teri tasveer yaad aati hai,
baar baar mil ke bichhadte hain hum,
badnasebi se bhari apni taqdeer yaad aati hai...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

aaj ek khushi si dil mein uthi,
aisa laga lagi ek din zindagi hum se nahi roothi,
socha tha bandhe rahenge is zanzeer mein hamesha,
tabhi dukh ki zanzeerein ye tooti..!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

tere bina zindagi adhoori si lagti hai,
mujhe ab khud se bhi doori si lagti hai,
intezaar rehta hai meri aankhon ko tera,
duur rehna tujhse majboori si lagti hai..!
zindagi badal gayi tere aane ke baad,
kismat sudhar gayi tere aane ke baad,
mushkile to bahaut thi zindagi mein pehle,
sab mushkile mit gayi, tere aane ke baad..!
aaj fir dil ne tujhe yaad kiya hai,
khuda se haq fariyaad kiya hai,
tere saath ko tadapta rehta hai ye,
tere pyar mein khudko barbaad kiya hai..!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 20th 2009, 11 pm

kisi ki aankhon ke liye khud ko mita liya...
kisi ki hansi ke liye khud ko rula liya...
ek baar ki baat hai, wo thi bahaut andhere mein...
thode ujaale ke liye khud ko jalaa liya...
Ab bhi wahi jakhm, wo ashq mujhe raat bhar jagaate hain...
wo lamhe bitaaye huye, mujhe raat bhar rulaate hain...
muskurahat rehti hai raat din is chehre par,
par is naqaab ke peeche har roz armaan guzar jaate hain..!

December 20th 2009, 11 pm.

aaj ek aur din tanha nikal gayaa,
aaj ye dil yunhi fir se machal gayaa,
dil ki jalti lau mein kuch chatakta hai is tarah,
jaise moum ki lau ke saath parwana pighal gya,
ab bhi dil mein usi ka intezaar hai,
aankhon mein rab se usey paane ki guhaar hai,
sab dekhte hain mujhe, to kehte hain qafir,
unhe kya pata, wo ishq ki mazaar hai.!