Monday, December 28, 2009

Sometimes i keep thinking stuff, sometimes just sit and cry,
I miss her so much these days, reaching to her, is all i try,

from dusk to dawn, in my room i cry,
and cry till my eyes go dry,

being away from her has never been so bad,
since I've come here, i've only been sad,

I wish to see her, touch her once,
just sit in front of her, till i go into a trance,

I miss the way she talks to me, the way she comes so close,
I miss those lunches we had together, and how she tickled me, with her toes,

I miss those moments we spent together, holding our hands,
now all the things I see around me, are just statues made of sands,

I wish i was there, back with her, to the place where i belong,
Only I know how these moments paas, to paas they take so long,

All the ways to reach to her, everything thats there, i've tried,
I wish to reach her, love her again, cause she is also my pride,

I've never felt so lonely, although here i have many friends,
Since i've come here, I have seen, in me, some change of trends,

I cant stand this distance, it keeps me awake,
I think now i might be dying, my life might be at stake,

I miss my love, my life, I miss her with all my heart,
and I've missed her from the day I left, from the day we have been apart,

I hope I go back to her, hope through I really live,
Just want to reach to her, and for that, anything, I would give,

I have survived cause i want to meet her, cause i want to see her again,
Its her who has given me this life, and she is my life's gain..!

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