Sunday, September 26, 2010

As i sit and look at the rain,
tears roll down my eyes,
There is some pain in my heart that bleeds,
and my life longs to cease and suffice...

I do not want to live any more,
but don't know why my heart goes on,
I still wonder why there is this distance,
and I still wonder what went wrong...

My senses have diminished,
and maybe my end is near,
but me losing you my love,
is still my greatest fear...

I know we had our time,
when the sun used to shine,
the stars would sparkle and sing all night long,
birds would chirp, and breeze would sing our favorite song...

I still wait for you to come back to me,
for you to come back, and hold my hand,
here i am, waiting for you,
here i am, and alone I stand...

I miss you dear, miss you lots,
I miss you more than my life,
I've waited all this while, and have come to know,
without you, I won't survive

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