Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today is valentines day...
I sit in the park, the trees and the wind, they say,
wish u a happy valentines day,

as she comes, walking on that dusty road,
the wind stops, the trees go quiet, cause its a valentines day,
our hearts beat fast, even though in the same rythm,
we look at each other, then i go to her,
i hug her, she hugs me, we both smile,
cause its a valentines day

I look deep into her eyes, there is so much love for me,
we go from there and sit under a tree,
we sit very close, under that tree,
and the wind starts again, looks on a spree,
as the dust rises, with that powerful wind,
i look into her eyes, she knows whats on my mind,
i kiss her, on her tender lips, and i can feel, a little bit of heat,
for every time we kiss, my heart skips a beat,

The wind keeps singing, the trees start to sway,
everybody is saying, A happy valentines day...

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